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Myfanwy 2


Posted by milady_dragon on 2011.12.11 at 12:40
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Title: Contagion
Author: [info]milady_dragon
Artist: [info]jkivela, whose fantastic art is here and here
Beta: [info]bookwrm89
Genre:  Crossover; Adventure; Romance
Pairing(s):   Jack/Ianto; John/Elena (implied)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 25,268
Warnings:  Violence, Language
Disclaimer:  Torchwood is owned by BBC and Russell T. Davies; the Tomorrow People is owned by Freemantle and Roger Price
Author's note:  This was written for [info]ianto_bigbang Round One, and is a crossover with "The Tomorrow People". 

Summary:  After the events of “Cyberwoman”, Ianto vanishes and Jack discovers yet another secret: that Ianto was a Tomorrow Person – Homo Superior – the next stage in human evolution, with powers beyond those of normal humans.  Three months later, Jack discovers a plot against the Tomorrow People themselves.  Can he find Ianto and work with him again, in order to prevent genocide?

Chapter List  (Livejournal)  (Dreamwidth)

(I know there hasn't been any activity here lately, but I thought someone watching might enjoy this)

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