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Secret Files: The Tomorrow People

The Next Stage In Human Evolution

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This community is dedicated to all things about the British children's series, The Tomorrow People. This community is dedicated to both the Original Series Tomorrow People (which aired in the 70's and early 80's on Nickelodeon), and the New Series Tomorrow People (which aired in the 90's) on Nickelodeon.

This community is for discussion of the television show(s), the novelization(s), updates on the actors, and the posting of images, artwork and fan fiction.

Additional Tomorrow People Links

Fan Fiction Links:
The TPFICT Archives: The oldest, largest and most complete TP Fan Fic Archive on the 'net.

Expressions: A gen fic, adult fic and WIP fic archive.

Alternate Realities: A personal archive, a lot of the fic is also contained at TPFICT but there are a few strays here that aren't found there.

Other Sites of Interest
The Tomorrow People Episode Guide and Photo Gallery: Mostly dedicated to the Original Series, but good information can be found here.

The Tomorrow People Audio Reviews